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Aug 31, 2018 Blog 0 Comments


While owning a comic book store has been a lifelong dream for all of us involved in opening Infinite Realities, the decision to actually pull the trigger on opening a store of our own only came together in the last six months.

I’ve been a stay-at-home dad going on four years now. While I have worked freelance here and there as a content writer, my primary job was being home with my sons, Erik (3) and Alex (six months). I never in a million years saw myself as a stay-at-home dad, but, there I was, alone all day with very young children.

Now every parent knows the struggle of trying to maintain some sense of identity separate from their children and being with the kids all day only made that even more difficult. So I bought a small comic collection for sale on Craigslist and started to deal on the side. It turned out to not only be fun but I also started to make money, and that let me buy even more comics to sell.

The comic book collection that started Infinite Realities

Behold! The comic book collection that would lead to the formation of Tucker, GA’s very own comic book store!

That’s where Brandon came in. I’ve known Brandon for years. We travel in the same social circles and always seem to end up at the same children’s birthday parties. While the other parents were mingling, Brandon and I were always hiding out talking comic books and, occasionally, pro wrestling. And while we never saw each other socially as much as we would have liked, we still looked forward to our conversations about comics whenever we could have them.

Chris Brennaman and Brandon Mealor are two of the owners of Infinite Realities

Chris Brennaman and Bradon Mealor standing inside the building that will house Infinite Realities come December 2018. Oh, and Alex.

Soon after I started dealing comics, Brandon saw one of my listings on Facebook for a ton of Uncanny X-Men comics. Brandon didn’t know I was dealing comics and thought that I was selling off my personal collection, perhaps out of some financial hardship. So this wonderful human being called me to make sure everything was ok. That’s the kind of guy he is. He was worried about his friend and wanted to offer any help he could.

I told him, no, things were fine and I was just selling comics on the side for fun. And who knows, I told him, maybe one day it may lead to me having a store of my own. I guess this piqued his interest because he asked to meet for lunch to talk about this dream of mine. Two days and one greasy fast food meal later, we had committed to becoming business partners.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’m going to detail how two people started their comic store journey. From all the financial surprises and real estate woes to getting to know the city of Tucker’s leadership and meeting the people who make up this unique, growing community.

And perhaps most importantly, how those two dudes very early on realized their limitations and brought in a third partner to make for a pretty awesome triumvirate of comic book greatness.

Future site of Infinite Realities

Located at 5007 Lavista Road, Tucker GA 30084, this old garage will be home to Infinite Realities starting in December 2018!