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Things We've Learned About Our Community - Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & More


Jan 9, 2019 Blog 0 Comments


The holiday season has come and gone and we’re now just over one month old. We’ve met some fantastic people and are getting comfortable in our home here in Tucker, GA. When we first set out to open our own store, an actual open date seemed so far away, and now, here we are, more than 30 days removed from that blur of a day.

So… what have we learned this past month?

Tucker Loves Board Games


And a lot by the looks of our shelves. We obviously wanted to stock games and knew there was definitely a market for them, but boy howdy did we discover just how much folks around here love their board games. For reals, we couldn’t keep them in stock. We had regular board game shipments throughout December and each time they flew off the shelves almost as quickly as we placed them.

This is exciting for us because that means we have a reason to expand our selection and try out new things. On top of that, we’re broadening the scope of events held here in the store, including this Sunday’s Momocon sponsored Table Top Game Day!

Kids Still Read Comics and Play Games

Speaking of product flying off the shelves, our all-ages section was steadily raided throughout December. This was awesome because all too often you hear about kids not being able to get over the barrier of entry into comics. That barrier of entry doesn’t have to be there because there are so many comics made specifically for younger readers. We just need to connect them with those comics.

Lumberjanes was really popular this holiday season as were Hilda, the works of Raina Telgemeier and anything related to Star Wars. Oh, and Calvin & Hobbes was super hot!

We’ve also seen a huge kid turnout for many of our events, especially the totally free Thursday evening Pokemon Card Game sessions!

Our Customers Are Wonderfully Diverse

This is one of the greatest times to be a fan of comics, games and all things geek. Fandoms have been opened to people from all walks of life and we are so proud to be part of that. One of the core pillars of Infinite Realities is- and always will be- to make sure our store is a haven for all those who just want to geek out and connect with others who just want to do the same.